Q-Pulse Audit app - Available on the iPad

Q-Pulse Audit combines the power of the Q-Pulse audit module with the mobility and flexibility of Apple's iPad.

The application replaces the need for paperwork to be carried on-site, allowing for documentation, guidance notes and checklists all to be stored on the iPad. Audits have been simplified with checklists incorporating pre-defined answers that ensure accurate, measurable responses are recorded to overcome any misinterpretation issues.

Q-Pulse Audit speeds up the audit process as responses are captured electronically and in real time. Audit findings are enhanced as the iPad can capture photographic evidence to support best practice or highlight areas of improvement.

The close out of an audit becomes more accurate and efficient with Q-Pulse Audit. Findings can be reviewed and finalised before being automatically uploaded back into Q-Pulse. Any non-conformances (CA/PA) highlighted through the audit are automatically created, triggering the non-conformance workflow and action tracking functionality in Q-Pulse.  

Contact us now to discuss how Q-Pulse Audit will simplify the way audits are carried out, making them mobile and improving accuracy.

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