Customer Portal

Gael's Customer Portal is a unique 24/7 online service that is available to all customers.

It is essentially the hub of our online interaction with customers, and allows them to interact and exchange experiences with other users of our solutions. The Portal provides access to expert help as well as a network of people with similar challenges and problems.

The Customer Portal is designed and extensively used for:

  • Interacting with other Gael users to learn and share new usability methods
  • Recommending improvements to Gael's products and/or services 
  • Communicating with the Support team to resolve queries
  • Raising any issues or problems with your installation
  • Monitoring the progress of any Support Case(s)
  • Accessing Quick Tips and FAQs
  • Reading best practice articles
  • Learning about the latest developments and announcements from Gael
  • Downloading usability and technical guides

For more information visit the Customer Portal or register for an account here.